Closing the Cyber skills gap.

The growing threat of cyber attack drives the need for technical Cyber expertise internally. But also you need to look at strategy to get more flexible with your thinking to solve security challenges. Having more women working in your business provides greater diversity of thinking.

The programme is open to women of any background and all ages who are looking to begin or change to a career in Cyber Security. Each cohort of women will be guided through an accelerated learning pathway to give them the skills they need to start working in Cyber immediately. When candidates apply, we’ll be looking for transferable skills, such as:

Tech curious – take an enthusiastic interest in learning about technology and Cyber Security.

Communication – happy to question and share ideas for handling potential Cyber incidents.

Flexible thinking – women who can work with a team to review Security challenges.

Prioritising – capable of handling workloads in a busy department and focusing on priorities.


If you’re a business that is looking to add amazing new tech talent to your team, get in touch to chat through what you’re looking for.



Hire Tech Talent
If you’re a business that is looking to add amazing new tech talent to your team, get in touch to chat through what you’re looking for.

Run your own TechTalent Academies

Get the right tech people for your business. Our TechTalent Academies are an innovative, inclusive way of hiring talented technology professionals. Top tech talent and skills are in short supply. With your own TechTalent Academy, you can recruit diverse – often overlooked – candidates with the precise mix of tech skills your business needs.

How TechTalent Academies work

We’ll work with you to develop a tailored TechTalent programme that will find, assess and train the tech talent you need. We’ll start by taking a deep dive into your business to understand your culture and tech skills requirements. These could be full stack, front or back end, Java, Javascript, Python, C+, Salesforce, Mulesoft or AWS for example.

Making a difference with diversity

Next, we’ll devise a talent attraction campaign to engage and screen diverse candidates. We’re experts in this area and have developed selection processes and tests that will identify who will excel. This new TechTalent pipeline will put you ahead in the race for scarce tech skills.

Finally, we’ll develop the technical and soft skills of these candidates so they can make an immediate impact on your business. Through 6-12 weeks of intensive training, coaching and mentoring, plus an on-site induction period, we will build the balanced candidate profile you need. Confidence and drive are as much products of our Academies as coding and developing.

Internal training

We also deliver tailored training programmes onsite at client premises. Combining tech and soft skills. These programmes embed candidates into clients from day one. Our trainers and support team stay on site until new joiners are fully settled in.

Special projects

We are purpose driven. We are on hand should businesses, initiatives or organizations need input, expertise or support when planning or embarking on a project or mission that revolves around tech skills shortage solutions, future diverse & inclusive talent within tech or tech training programmes in general.