Looking for your next role? Tech-curious?

Develop new skills for a successful career in Cyber Security.

Zero experience required

If you’re a woman who’s looking for a new career, this programme is designed to help you develop skills to get into cyber security and technology. There are no special hurdles: we want women of all ages to apply whether you’re degree-educated or not – and regardless of whether you’ve any experience from other jobs. The Cyber Security training programme will prepare you for your first role in Cyber.

Tech-curious women

You may have an interest in technology or be curious about what’s changing for our children and the next generation after. But also, you know we can’t hide from the growing number of Cyber threats. When the NHS was attacked in 2017, it was deliberately done on a Friday because the hackers knew there would be fewer people at work that day to handle the rapidly-spreading virus, WannaCry. Threats are unpredictable, so we need a Cyber Security workforce with flexibility at its core. We want you to apply if you’re:

Eager to learn.
A flexible thinker.

What will you learn?

We crafted the course content based on industry and real-world skill requirements, considering skill-gaps, to ensure that our graduates’ skill-sets set them up for a long-term career in tech, graduating ready to be employed.

During the Women in Cyber Academy students will earn the BCS Foundation Certificate Information Security Management Principles and the Python Institute’s Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification (PCEP). On completion of the BCS certificate students will receive a free 1-year Associate Membership to BCS.

You’ll be equipped with a blend of technical and personal skills that will propel your career. More specifically, you’ll cover the following modules:

Python Fundamentals
Learners will understand the fundamentals of Python, setting the grounding for programming through learning about variables, functions, arrays etc. They will create projects to advance their basic skills and progress in the course.

Here the learners build their own portfolio website which will showcase the projects they will be creating throughout the course. They learn that HTML & CSS are essential in understanding how websites are developed and how they could also be compromised by cyber criminals.

Learning involves the fundamentals of JavaScript as well as the Document Object Model. Here they use their knowledge of JavaScript to create a secure contact form which they apply to their portfolio website. They will also create other projects to secure their understanding of the language.

Cyber 101
The learners look at the history of Cyber Security, the different types of attacks and the ways to prevent and protect an organisation as well as their personal networks. The practical elements involve labs where they can test their knowledge in this area.

Learners start getting deeper into programming. Looking at Object Oriented Programming, Structs and perfecting their skills. They continue to build projects in order to continue practicing.

Learners look at Linux and how it fits in with cyber security. They do hands on practical exercises to test their knowledge in the area.

Learners dive deeper into object-oriented programming with Java, learning the language as well as some interview questions and a few sorting algorithms as well as how Java fits in with cyber security.

Network Security
Learners get a thorough understanding of Networks and how important they are in Cyber Security, as well as what methods they can take in order to secure any network and look out for potential threats.

The final session in the course looks at Agile where the students learn about the methodology as well as the frameworks associated with Agile. Their understanding is applied to real life scenarios within a workplace.

When is the next Academy? 
Part time, remote starting on the 17th May

How much will it cost?
WMCA eligible fully-funded OR self-funded £2,995

West Midlands Combined Authority fully-funded spaces are subject to the following eligibility: 

  • Be tech curious and have a keen interest in Cyber Security
  • Live full time in the West Midlands area of: Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton (postcode dependant)
  • If you are available to attend a part time course of study, with late afternoon sessions via Zoom
  • Are looking to move into a tech role within 3 months of finishing the Academy
  • Are fully committed to starting a career in tech OR moving into a tech function with your current employer
  • Can engage with the course sessions and commit to completing the course
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK
  • Have a National Insurance Number
  • Possess computing equipment (laptop or computer only) and steady internet connection to undergo the training


Your can self fund your space on this Academy for £2,995.

Please visit our learning platform to book your space HERE.